Thors Media is a small, Norwegian media business with focus on fertility in Norway and all around the world

We are looking forward to present our new website: Vil bli gravid, meaning "want to get pregnant". The site will be the natural place to turn to for everyone who tries to get pregnant in order to learn more about fertility and assisted reproduction.

Katinka Thors is the owner of Thors Media and the editor and writer for She started her journey to become a single mother by choice in 2011 using donor sperm at a Danish clinic. Her journey to motherhood turned out to be long and hard. On her way, she wrote a blog, and contributed to several tv-programmes in Norway. In that way, she connected with other single women and couples who wanted to get pregnant and who needed help on their way. The lack of a good, Norwegian website to learn more about fertility was soon obvious to her. Now, she is working on the website she missed during the time she tried to get pregnant. Her aim is to help other women and couples with fertility issues to make their journey easier and shorter by finding the best clinics and methods to help them on their way.

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